Hi… Let’s hate this evil. Do good and win life… Such evil practices will destroy our life and values.

Moreover, such a thing is completely against law. Here we will think whether ragging is needed.

If you still feel it is a need, read on..

Types of Ragging

Level ONE – This may be tolerable (singing a song, making a speech, talent displays, mimicing people and events)

Level TWO – This can be intolerable (like compelling to do unnatural actions, etc.)

Level THREE – This is total vulgarity (threatening and imposing acts which may spoil personality and values)

Why Ragging should be stopped

If ragging is not fully stopped, ragging may lead to vulgar levels depending on the person who rags the other one. If the person who rags is vulgar minded and cruel, he will rag in third level (vulgar, dangerous, murderous physical hurting) which may lead to both persons destruction and the culprit will go to imprisonment, spoiling his career.

If your sister or brother is the victim

Please remember: tomorrow your sister, your son, your daughter, your intimate friend will be ragged if it is not stopped. You cannot foresee what kind of a person will rag her. Will you be happy if she is ragged in third level?

Hence, put your earnest efforts in all levels to discourage this evil.

Suggested Remedies

1. Before you take admission for any course make sure with the Principal that ragging will not be encouraged.

2. Instead of ragging, personality development workshops should be arranged with your initiative in co-ordination with authorities, which can bring results on your argument of it is needed.

3. If ragging is active in the college, spread this indirectly to the world through friends, internet without damaging your career / life tactfully. A silent fight. Such colleges may experience a natural death soon.

Request to College Authorities

All college authorities are requested here to stop this evil which will dangerously affect the reputation of your educational institution. This will spread everywhere indirectly.

This is commented based on an incident happened in Kerala in the mid of November 2005 at Medical College Nursing School, Kottayam, where a young girl was raped cruelly by her senior students in the name of ragging. She was brave enough to bring it before law and now all the culprits are in police custody.