This is a goodness which I would like to share with you.
I request you to make this a selfless mission in your life.

Have you ever thought that we are the most fortunate people in this world… Yes! When I say “we people are”, You will only agree, if you see the miseries of others. But in today’s busy life who cares about others?

This letter is a part of my vision and mission to motivate the present generation to show the goodness of God not only in our own life, but to spread it beyond. It is very important that we live as worthy persons and experience a different kind of happiness when we share a small portion of our earnings with the needy people. I humbly wish that this mission would bring happiness to more needy people in this world.

How about taking up such an effort in a small way in our own life? You can still do it very easily in your personal capacity or in groups


First of all, think about the people who live in slums and their miseries. Think about the physically challenged brothers and sisters in this world. Think about the orphans, think about the children born as heart patients and AIDS patients. Think about the underprivileged. Think about the socially and economically marginalized people.

Secondly, try to allocate a small portion of your earnings to share with the above said people. Once in an year (during your wedding anniversary day, your birthday, your kid’s birthday, or special occasions) visit an orphanage or home for mentally challenged, and give them some sweets or sponsor a meal.., depending on your financial capacity and spend some time with them trying to understand them. Show that you care for them.

Once you do this, you will begin to experience a different kind of joy. Also these people will love you and God will take care of your needs because you are special to God as you extend kindness in your surroundings. If you are already doing it, it is well and good. You may encourage others as you share your experience with others.

In today’s busy life, we can still do such deeds with a selfless motive. It will be a good start in sharing God’s Goodness in our Society.

If you feel that it is a worthy cause, you can spread this mission by sharing the same thought with your friends and relatives. They will also start doing things like this. Let us make the needy people happy in little ways. Lets make it a Goodness Campaign of a massive scale. Make it a practice to do good in our day to day life.

If you could do something like this in life, it will make tremendous changes in this world. All the orphans in this world will be cared by the people who are not orphans. More orphanages will be born if all people extend their love and support to the orphanages. All the unattended street children in this world will get a place to sleep peacefully.

I wish that you do this in your life. Express your love as much as possible before you leave this world. Invite your internet friends to read this passage.

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