100 Goodnesses for you to Enact in daily life.

1.We can visit the patients in our locality and can sit with them and can extend our help financially or in any other way.

2. We can visit orphanages and can spend sometime with them, keeping in mind that we were fortunate to have parents not because of any of our efforts.

3. We can give a ratio of our salary to the orphanages or needy people, preferably 5% or 10% of our total income.

4. We can donate blood to the needy people. Blood donation is a good deed.

5. We can give our eyes after death, so that the blind people will get a chance to see this world and praise the God.

6. We can form a charitable trust by coordinating the friends and can extend financial help to others.

7. We can extend our advice and help to the poor people who are working with us in our company/office.

8. We should try to express our love through various good deeds instead of saying that we have love in our mind.

9. We can do a lot of selfless service in a bus like helping somebody to sit down, get in or putting the shutters down while raining.

10. We can smile at others without expecting a smile in return.

11. We can work with the various organizations who try to do service in a selfless manner.

12. We can help the Church/temple physically by serving in the different positions in a selfless manner.

13. A small pat on the back of elderly people (who are above 50 years) will make them really happy.

14. Hospital visit and prayer offering to the patients. It will bring relief and healing to the sick.

15. You may give a packet of sweets/ cake /food to an orphanage when you celebrate your wedding anniversary. You also can visit them with your wife and children and spend sometime with them.

16. Make a visit to the family enemies, if any.

17. You may take initiative when the family enemies are in trouble.

18. Love everyone, be merciful to others. Don’t just show your sympathy and then forget them.

19. We have to make a sincere effort to know who are the needy people around us.

20. We may find that a member in our family must be struggling for some help. Extend our help.

21. We may find that a child in our family must be wishing to get, say a nice umbrella, which we may grant.

22. We may visit our neighbours selflessly and share with them the goodness of God in our lives and show our genuine care.

23. We may sponsor a child’s educational expenses, co ordinate with the Church or any organization to find out the needy.

24. You may arrange a scholarship for a child for his further studies.

25. We may help a girl’s family for her marriage.

26. We may help a poor girl’s family to find her a suitable marriage alliance.

27. Do not turn away from an accident.

28. Be a pro lifer. Stand firm for life. Stand up against abortion, suicide, amniocentesis, intoxication or euthanasia.

29. Be humble before the parents.

30. Try to find goodness in everybody & try to appreciate it.

31. Give encouragement, love, recognition and mutual respect to everybody around us, even a child or people on their deathbed.

32. Don’t make Jesus disabled if you don t offer your body (parts) for Jesus to work, he is disabled.

33. Have a Vision Always work towardsa good vision.

34. If you are a youth you may join Church related youth activities as you also will become a part of their various endeavours.

35. We may visit old people when they are sick, We can speak nice words with them.

36. Be kind to others.

37. Be obedient to elders or seniors.

38. Forgive if somebody shows any disgrace to you because the heavenly Father has forgiven us also.

39. Be a good listener when others narrate their miseries.

40. Take initiative to find out whether there is any person who needs a house to live in and try to make it a reality by join hands with others.

41. If you keep values and are good at speak in, try to offer value education sessions selflessly.

42. Whatever is your religion, take an initiative through your organizations to start a programme to give value education to your Youth. If all the religions take an initiative to teach the youngsters the values this will make a positive impact in the society.

43. Share your knowledge and understanding of the world with others if it will help them.

44. You may issue a leaflet mentioning the need for values or you can sponsor a leaflet in coordination with any public related organizations.

45. Visit prisons and spend sometime with the prisoners. You also can support the prisoners’ family.

46. If you are a doctor take an initiative to offer health seminars for the people who do not know the basic lessons of health. Provide free consultancy/prescription and free medicines to the poor.

47. If you are a doctor extend your participation for free medical camps, dental camps, eye camps etc.

48. A doctor can inspire a person for blood donation and eye donation. Take it as a personal effort to give happiness to others.

49. Show interest to give first aid to others in emergency. Raise the injured part, wash the wound with plenty of water. Soak cotton in some disinfectant and dab it on the wound, put some antiseptic cream on it, bandage the wound firmly.

50. Red Cross people will take unexpired medicines and they will give to the poor. Contact Red Cross they will guide you where to send these medicines.

51. Meet old people and sit with them sometime and listen to their talks sincerely.

52. Try to help orphans to get jobs

53. Sponsor child magazines to the children in the orphanages.

54. Extend your physical help to the orphans and orphanages.

55. Be a regular visitor and extend your patronage to a charitable Trust and extend your help with them.

56. Avoid talking any thing bad,even if it is true, about others.

57. Send some personal mails to every body asking about their prayer requests and assuring our prayers.

58. Give an ear to everybody’s worries and pray over it.

59. Lift others prayers to the lord when we do experience pain or sufferings, it has got tremendous effect.

60. Visit aged priests and people and hear from them,it is a treasure for us and a relief for them.

61. Work & speak for the rights of fetuses or unborn babies.

62. Make bible available in every house.

63. Bend down to take something [ball, paper or even a pen]even if it does not matter much.

64. Make a note of every person we meet everyday, go through that in free time. When we meet him again, call him by his name, it will give them a caring,as everyone love to be cared.

65. Never answer an angry in hurry, it will make you worry.

66. Reduce watching T.V., it will give us a lot of time for others.

67. Help the helpless when even society is against them [ex-convicts, thieves] it was exactly Jesus did.

68. Controlling the words – When we speak, we speak a lot of rubbish without knowing how harmful it is for others. We need to control our words and use some loving and caring words which will give peace and happiness to others.

69. Develop close loving relationship with your family members. Building up that relationship with them and expressing your love through the time you spend with them in conversation or deeds speaks volumes. When they see your love (which comes from the love of God) they see goodness. And it is a natural tendency to tell others when we see something good or something that impacts us powerfully. The gospel message will be passed on through our actions. It is contagious if we allow it to work in our lives.

70. Adopt a homeless person or someone living in poverty. This means to spend time not only praying for that individual, but also doing small things for them such as giving them one meal each day (or 3) spending few minutes in conversation with them, and something as simple as asking them their name and addressing them as such every day when you see them. To recognize a person and help them retain their identity is one of the basic essentials of maintaining human dignity given to mankind by God.

71. Be a positive influence in the life of a young teen or child why may not live in an encouraging atmosphere at home or school . Kids need to be encouraged and motivated in a positive manner to help them develop their own identity so they can venture into life with the mentality or being able to take on anything, with God s assistance.

72. If someone is extremely busy give them a hand by telling them you will take on some of their responsibilities that may be overwhelming them. Little things added up to a whole lot.

73. If you are a student, pass on your old books to some poor students. Try to find the needy people.

74. If you are a student, ask all children to bring a bundle of old newspapers from home, sell them. With the amount collected buy pencils, rulers and rubbers for the poor children of the school. You can give them to the headmaster to distribute. Please discuss with your teacher before you do this.

75. If you are a student, ask your parents whether you can pass some of your used clothes, books toys to some one more needy.

76. If you are a student, you may take an initiative in your class with the help of your teachers and arrange a collection of used items and give these items to needy people in the neighbourhood or in the class.

77. If you are a student, You can help a poor student in your class by helping them in his subjects as he will not be in a position to go for tuition.

78. If you are a student, congratulate your friend when he gets some recognition.

79. If you are a student, Buy a piggy bank, collect coins in it through out the year. Ask your friends to do the same. Each child should break his bank on his birthday. Count the money. Send it to some charitable organizations. God will bless you. It should be your birthday. Gift to god for protecting you through out the year. It will make you very happy.

Contribute your own ideas

You may join this session by sharing your ideas, so that we can add on to this. Let’s all join hands together to give happiness to others by doing such acts and let us live as worthful persons. You may tell others to visit this site and can tell them to start doingsomething like this. Let’s contribute something of ours in our life for others.

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