Hi Youth

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 Are you a Youth?

Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!!

This is the best period in ones life. I would say, you should be dynamic in your youthful days. It may be stuffed with lot of mischief, adventures . Anyway, it should not affect your future badly. You should be careful not to overstep the limits the society has drawn for you and me. At the same time, keep an eager mind to learn new things and doing things in new ways. Be careful not to waste time sleeping through the daytime during your youthful days.

Get up and act – try out something physically or mentally. It is time for you to be active in various activities in your area, with the right attitude and in the right spirit.

Use your free time by joining in various service activities / organizations / forum / church activities and also try to enhance your educational qualifications up to the age of 35 minimum and develop into a charming and outstanding personality. Without education you will be at a big loss rather zero.


This is my sincere and personal counsel. You can defeat your adverse circumstances with the above formula. If you are a proud person, you can start counting the days of your fall. Being humble and simple is the thumb rule.

Try to experience God in your youthful days.

Make it a point to avoid liquor, drugs, paan (gutka), cigarettes, eve-teasing, forming anti-social gangs, etc. Such selfish interests will lead you to failure. Try to be a useful youngster for the family / society / employer.

Even if you are from an ordinary background. Don’t worry yaar… You can defeat everything with these practical tips… Hence this advice…