Meet Jesus

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 If you have not heard about Him, may I introduce you to Jesus?. Jesus is the Son of God…Believe that God is real For me, God guides me each and every moment of my life. I communicate with God through … Continued


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 My dear children… The world where you and I live offers you both good and bad. It is terribly confusing. But just know that, it is time for you to study in schools and get good marks. You should read … Continued

Hi Youth

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 Are you a Youth? Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!! Oh! Yes!!! This is the best period in ones life. I would say, you should be dynamic in your youthful days. It may be stuffed with lot of mischief, adventures . … Continued


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 Love is something not to be hidden from others. Love should be expressed in our attitude, talk, action and behavior, instead of pretending that, I am a loving and caring person. Let’s express our love and respect for each and … Continued

Nice Spouse

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 Be a happy spouse!! How? Be a nice Wife Both husband and wife should love each other unconditionally. Be a good friend for him. Motivate your husband on his various achievements. You are in partnership with him to keep the … Continued

Old Age

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           Old age tips may be of interest to you.          You are not old so long as you are young at heart.             Renew your mind. Think … Continued


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Be role models to your children. You might be very much attentive to your children’s physical and intellectual growth But how much attentive are you towards their emotional growth? Here most of the parents fail… Will you? Accept your child … Continued

Mould Yourself

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Practical Tips to Win Life Awake!! Arise!! “The darkness of competition is deep; but the light of our knowledge is shining bright” So, why not, start thinking about our personality. We have to build it up. It is important in … Continued

Gesture of God’s Love

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Pope Francis caresses a man suffering from a rare disease on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope, once again in St Peter’s Square for his general audience, put his hands on the 53-year-old Italian man, kissed,       … Continued

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