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 Love is something not to be hidden from others.

Love should be expressed in our attitude, talk, action and behavior, instead of pretending that, I am a loving and caring person.

Let’s express our love and respect for each and every creature in this world. Let’s help the people who require help, who are in poverty, and orphans.

Can’t we believe that we are created (with healthy body and sound mind) for doing good deeds for God to love and help others. Let us not feel proud about what we have or possess but extend our selfless help. Yes the world needs our kind actions and service.

Are we alert? Listening? Willing? Our sincere efforts will surely make this world a better place.

We cannot forget the physically challenged brothers and sisters around us. Would you step out with an extended open arms? The world is looking at you!

Let’s learn the power of love, let’s live with the power of love, Let’s spread the power of love..