Meet Jesus

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 If you have not heard about Him, may I introduce you to Jesus?.

Jesus is the Son of God…Believe that God is real

For me, God guides me each and every moment of my life. I communicate with God through personal prayers.
My parents moulded me to live as a Christian. But once I came to know Christ deeply, I found that it is a great responsibility and a difficult task to live as a true Christian. I came to know that I am called to work for a global cause, irrespective of caste and religion, as Jesus sees everybody as his brothers and sisters and I believe that he wants the specially called people – Christians to serve, help, love and protect other people from the evil spirits, in his name. Christians are taught by him how to have a peaceful life and the people who do not know this, should be guided by the Christians and should help them to live in peace.

The different Religions are creativities of people, but Christians are called upon to bring about a balance to this world. I am proud of living as a Christian – A great call from the creator of this Universe to serve others.

I would say to all my Hindu/Muslim and other friends here that, irrespective of cast and religion, Christian churches pray for the people in this world to God everyday and all Christians are taught to extend their maximum help to every creature in this world. They are successful in many areas, like orphanages, hospitals, home for mentally retarded people, education institutions, etc. These activities are aimed at fulfilling God’s plans. Without God’s love nobody can extend such noble works, which we can experience if we visit such places. I am proud of being a Christian.

If you are not a Christian and if you like to meet Christ personally? Buy a Bible, start reading Bible.. You will experience him…