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Practical Tips to Win Life

Awake!! Arise!!

“The darkness of competition is deep; but the light of our knowledge is shining bright”

So, why not, start thinking about our personality. We have to build it up. It is important in order to keep pace with the world and take/grab success on the stride. Here you will find 100 practical tips to be successful. note/copy this and start doing one by one

Attempt 25 points, you are on the way to success.

Attempt 50 points, you are rated as a Good personality.

Attempt 75 points, you are rated as a Very Good personality.

Attempt 100 points, you are rated as an Excellent personality.

1. Develop a strong desire to enhance your personality and excel in life “It’s time for excellence”.

2. Find out your strengths and weaknesses – Make a note of them.

3. List out all your weaknesses and find answers to why they are in you.

4. Increase your knowledge.

5. You should know something of everything and everything of something.

6. Try to interact with more people.

7. Be mentally prepared for hard work.

8. Extend your co-operation for all good deeds you come across.

9. Have a social life.

10. Be sincere to others; don’t be a cunning personality.

11. Be dedicated to your assignments/work/studies.

12. Set measurable goals for the week, month, year and work hard to reach your goals.

13. Be enthusiastic about life.

14. Be time conscious – Time is precious; use it effectively.

15. Develop a systematic approach towards life.

16. Develop patience for listening (Be a good listener).

17. Ask questions, be curious.. What, When, Where, Why, Who and How?

18. Keep humility in your daily life.

19. Build up self confidence.

20. Be Energetic (physic).

21. Be Dynamic (psychic).

22. Be a good team player.

23. Develop self control. You should learn to face situations in a normal way.

24. Develop observation power – Be a keen observer – Observe everything in this world.

25. Develop friendships, without them we cannot enjoy life.. care for them, love them and help them.

26. Develop a pleasing smile – Always keep a smile on your face.

27. Believe in God.

28. Give up all bad habits – Don’t let your life be a ticking time-bomb.

29. Develop self respect.

30. Don’t be shy or an introvert, try to take initiatives.

31. Be a positive thinker – Develop positive thinking.

32. Be ambitious in life.

33. Avoid procrastination (meaning : A tendency to postpone your assignments).

34. Utilize your talents fully.

35. Try to learn a musical instrument.

36. Develop your credibility in the society.

37. Develop concentration powers.

38. Utilize mass media with the right spirit.

39. Apply logical/calculated risk taking – Higher the risk, Higher the gain.

40. Learn from failures – Never be discouraged.

41. Learn to share your happiness with others.

42. Be brave in difficult situations.

43. Don’t think that we are already aged, keep the mind young.

44. Be a learner always in life. Don’t stop your studies.

45. Have a mission in life. You should have a Vision and Mission for you.

46. Be role models and enjoy life.

47. Increase your language skills (like vocabulary).

48. Speak with clarity, have nice modulation skills.

49. Learn to ask questions without hesitation.

50. Develop eye contact during interaction.

51. Learn to face audience – Get rid of stage frights.

52. Be witty and humorous.

53. Increase your intelligence level by reading, thinking, conversation, etc.

54. Take efforts in increasing your memory power.

55. Observe and understand the situations you face.

56. Be creative in life.

57. Be open to learn new things in life.

58. Be sensitive, be open to life and people.

59. Think before you take crucial decisions.

60. Learn to take sudden decisions properly.

61. Have emotional maturity.

62. Don’t be upset very soon, learn to meet the situations with a cool head.

63. Accept failures and learn from them.

64. Love others sincerely and be helpful to others.

65. Improve social contacts and develop a good character.

66. Develop a happy family life and be a role model at home too.

67. You should be very much concerned about your blood relations.

68. Be conscious about your financial position and spend with foresight.

69. Savings are vital, make them.

70. You should have financial credibility.

71. Don’t be a gambler.

72. Take positive approach to your profession as each profession will have it’s own difficulties.

73. Update your professional skills continuously.

74. Maintain a good relation with your colleagues.

75. Be ambitious to grow more.

76. Be dynamic and take initiative in organizing things.

77. Be courageous in your job areas.

78. By dynamic in executing your job responsibilities.

79. Take risks occasionally at work.

80. Accept challenges and move ahead in life.

81. Build dependability and reliability with your colleagues.

82. Be punctual in office even when not mandatory.

83. Learn to prioritize between various tasks at work.

84. Avoid bad habits like alcohol, cigarettes, paan, drugs, etc. in your personal life.

85. Keep up moral values in life.

86. Accept and obey the rules fixed by the society.

87. Have a spiritual outlook in life.

88. Avoid vices.

89. Be health conscious.

90. Make sure to have personal hygiene.

91. Follow a healthy diet and maintain body weight.

92. Maintain a fit body by jogging or engaging in sport or any other physical activities.

93. Increase your stamina.

94. Develop a good dressing sense.

95. Keep a good and respectable hairstyle.

96. Attend spiritual meditations once in a while.

97. Learn Yoga techniques.

98. Eat Nutritious meals.

99. Get adequate rest – sleep the required hours (ideally 6 hours).

100. Think about contributing something of your own to this world.

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