A Silent Journey of Charity

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Friends, we identify genuine humanitarian issues to be supported. We have named the project “Silent Journey of Charity”.This link is a summary of the humanitarian activities we, friends, together have carried out. We thought not to publish and share these activities with everybody. Therefore, this link is only meant for those friends who are genuinely interested and actively involved in
humanitarian projects. It’s an easy reckoner of the projects you  have involved in. Username and Password will be sent to the stake holders. Of course, if you want to contact us when such projects come up, you are welcome to log on to this link.

Please send an email to josechacko2@gmail.com for the link, username and password. You can experience how much you are part of this Silent Journey of Charity and how much you can thank God for.

We usually don’t execute any project directly. We do it through any genuine NGOs who’ve proved themselves genuine, so that we can be transparent on our transactions and receipts. We dont keep any fund with us. When projects are identified, we suggest it to our friends and try to execute it and close the file. It’s a micro-level charity where good and like-minded friends unite for a good cause in order to wipe out the pain and agonies of people.

Thanks for reading this link..